The Road to Gaza Begins, online

The Road to Gaza for the Africa 1 Gaza Aid Convoy has not been an easy one, nor a new one. This epic journey had its roots planted just over a year ago and today stands on the brink of achieving its stated objectives.

As a journalist for the Cii, which is the official media partner accompanying the Convoy, I have deemed it imperative to initiate a blog of this sort. The journey is of such a magnitude and the experiences so overwhelming that the regular crossovers and reports as comprehensive as they are, do  not do justice to the personal sphere of the journey and the many supposedly minor, yet integral experiences and observations along the way.

Join me on an exciting, yet daunting journey to Gaza and be witness to history and humanity at every step of the way.

Ps. Feedback on all my musings would be highly appreciated


About theroadtogaza

Presenter at the international satellite radio broadcaster, Channel Islam International(cii), based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Travelling with the Africa 1 Convoy through to Gaza
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2 Responses to The Road to Gaza Begins, online

  1. Fayruza Harneker says:

    masallah doing a great job may Allah SWT guide and protect you

  2. I was at the Masjiedul Rabie when the Africa 1 Aid Convoy departed. I am very interested in Palestine after following the hardships of the people there are going through siege, bombs, air strikes, falling on them, I some times wonder if there are any people that left after so many deaths, so with your blog I would continue to read it.

    Also I was in Egypt and experienced many of the things your are going through example overcharging, you can’t cross the road in Cairo so full the roads are with cars. I can also identify with you the beauty of Cairo Nile River, Pyramids and friendless of people (if they don’t con you) my brother was really ripped off by them, and that made him so mad. So the same thing you are experience I don’t know if they do it to all tourist or only to South Africans. Did not come across any blogger that wrote about their experience in Cairo.

    So following your it makes it interesting reading, of the remaining day’s of the historical journey to Gaza. So far my highlight of your blog was Majiedul Makene in Zambia, the first Africa mosque in Cairo (forgot the name), Your driver Ismail that invited you for Iftar and fasting in Cairo.

    I end off with a good note. I wish you all on a Africa 1 Aid Convoy a safe journey through out Gaza. Tomorrow is the day you all been waiting for the year of preparation has finally arrived alhumdlah, To the people of the Gaza I and every one in South Africa are thinking about them and they are always in our duas. Good luck on this final step, into Gaza. I be looking forward to you next updates of your journey

    ”Break the siege on Gaza”

    ”we break down the wall freedom for Palestine”

    ”justice for all freedom for Palestine” .

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